English Language Arts - SAT/ACT Test Prep

As a personal tutor, I work closely with a student to address his or her particular need, building skills and confidence that lead to success at school, on critical exams such as Regents, SATs and ACTs, and in the workplace. I work with students from grade 4 through adult.


I teach students to “frame” a piece of writing, identifying its purpose, tone and context. We analyze its structure, identifying main ideas, supporting details and wording that signals the author’s reasoning. We examine the author’s use of literary elements and how they are used to convey a message. 


I break down the writing process into its component parts so that students can master skills one step at a time: brainstorming, organization, reasoning, paragraph and sentence structure, grammar and word choice. I can help a student write clearly and specifically, with the goal of developing his or her own voice.

Test Prep

The first step toward succeeding on tests such as the English Regents, SATs or ACTs is to thoroughly understand the structure of the test: the types of reading, questions and writing that can be expected so that no time is wasted on test day. Then, I work with individual students to identify which specific skills need to be developed. We analyze the structure of essays and practice writing them. Typically, I will also guide students to resources they can use to strengthen their vocabulary.

English Language Learners

English Language Learners require a multi-pronged approach to mastering a new language. Building vocabulary and understanding grammar and sentence structure are essential for both writing and spoken language. However, there is also a need to address accent and intonation. Cultural differences and idioms require special attention. Adults also require communication skills appropriate for the workplace.