Marsha Waldman

Instructional Technology

The primary role of technology in education is to enhance student learning by supporting the academic curriculum. It can empower teachers to convey information more effectively, using a wide variety of media to expose students to the world around them. It invites students to interact with information, creating their own knowledge.  As an Instructional Technology Specialist, I have developed curriculum and lesson plans for pre-school through 8th grade classes and trained teachers to put these powerful tools to work for them in the classroom.

Instructional Technology Experience

Let’s Do Lunch!

The school lunchroom is closed! Students have to plan lunch for the class, using online shopping and an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of expenses. They apply their knowledge of measurement, fractions, and money to create their menus.

Teachers’ Workshops

This series of workshops were designed for the teachers of Darien, CT's five  elementary schools. They combine practical skills with ideas for lessons that teachers can deliver with confidence.

Newspaper Workshop

After taking this workshop, teachers in the Darien elementary schools discovered that students love to publish their own newspapers. In addition to reporting on classroom current events, classes frequently used newspapers for summative projects in literature, social studies, and science.  

Creating Restaurants

Planning a restaurant is an exciting way for students to learn a wide range of skills in a practical context. In this unit of study, teams of students create a concept for a restaurant, develop an identity program including slogans, logos, menus, advertising, and marketing materials. They study blueprints and floor plans in order to design their own floor plans. In the process they learn desktop publishing and computer graphics skills, and get a real taste of  teamwork in the business world.

Point of View: Overview of U.S. History 2.0

Scholastic’s ground breaking multimedia database of American history became easy for teachers and students to use when I organized it into the themes and eras used in the social studies curriculum.  I also created dozens of essays and “Guided Explorations” that provided the framework and context to make the data meaningful and accessible.

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Software, Lesson Plans, and Workshops

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