Marsha Waldman


Instructional Technology Experience

Scholastic, Inc.

Responsible for interface design, project management, and content development for Point of View: An Overview of US History and The Civil War and Reconstruction 2.0. Established a design model and a pedagogic approach for the product line.

Sunburst Communications

Project management for Christa’s Science Project. Wrote documentation for Learner Profile 2.0, an assessment software package.

The Center for Children and Technology

Responsible for project management for a program, sponsored by Classroom Inc., in which students play the role of a bank teller.

Oracle Innovations for Education Challenge Grant

Won a grant to prototype a program teaching children to write poetry.

Crossover Technologies

Wrote content for a program simulating a presidential election.

Teaching Matters, Inc., Staff Developer: Taught elementary and middle school teachers to use software and integrate technology in the classroom.  Developed and presented workshops for teachers on using productivity software and on integrating technology into the curriculum.  

Darien Public Schools, Instructional Technology Specialist,

Elementary Schools

Responsible for developing the computer curriculum in Darien’s five

elementary schools so that technology is integrated into and enhances the academic curriculum. As a staff developer, supported teachers through workshops, model teaching, and individualized training. Supervised the district’s computer aides. Served on the Technology Planning Committee, helping to define the district’s 5-year plan. 

Rippowam Cisqua School, Lower School Computer Coordinator

Developed and delivered a computer literacy curriculum for grades K-4.  Projects focused on the use of multimedia, productivity software and digital references. Lessons were directly related to the elementary school curriculum. 

Pomona Middle School, Technology Teacher

Moving beyond traditional technology, this 8th grade class emphasized media literacy and the use of instructional technology as a tool for research and communications.